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Chrildren's Illnesses treated naturally (DVD)


This DVD was recorded at the live in-store health talk at Eirene Health Shop on March 5 2012.Here Christo & Linnie Lues shared their experiences with raising their eight children with Natural Remedies and common sense.

The DVD covers general principles that apply to when a child is un-well, common causes of most childhood ailments, vaccinations and specific remedies that may assist in helping little bodies heal faster.

The runtime is approximately 90 mins  More

Right Menu for YOU (DVD)


Do you find yourself lost in a minefield of dietary advice, or have you tried everything to loose weight but are struggling, or to keep your weight down seems impossible?

Christo gave a life-changing talk on diets to unravel the mysteries, myths, beliefs and facts about what diet is good for you.

Some of the topics include discussions on:Belief based diets, Vegetarian and raw diets, Weight loss, Crash diets, medical diets and (much) more.

Christo share insights he's discovered during more than a decade of clinical consultations. He gives practical advise on how to follow a eating style for life, for you, that will keep you healthy, full of energy and help manage your weight.

DVD Runtime: 45 minutes More

Kook Gesond EN Smaaklik (DVD)


Soms wonder jy hoe restaurante of hotelle hulle kos so smaaklik kry, gooi hulle iets spesiaal by?

In die DVD verduidelik Linnie Lues HOE om gesond EN smaaklik te kook. Sy wys HOE om vleis gaar te maak SONDER om iets snaaks of ongesond by te voeg. Gewoonlik net sout of peper.

Hierdie DVD gaan jou regtig 'n bobaas kok maak EN jou sak pas EN jou gesin laat voel of hulle elke aand in 'n restaurant eet!


Garth Kent's Story (DVD)


This riveting story, told in Garth's MOST entertaining manner, depicts one man's eight year journey to beat the terminal disease of SLE. 

His journey lead him to help many thousands of people with hundreds of different diseases world wide.

If you ever wondered what made Sevenpointfive to become the Rolls Royce of natural health supplements, you need to see this DVD

Garth explains why he was not able to get better, until he discovered the most important, and simple secret of nature, the pH. More...

Natural First Aid DVD to follow soon...

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