The set of 3 DVD’s include the following teaching sessions

Session 1:  Puzzling Medicine
Why there are so many contradicting opinions in medicine.
Session 2:  Blood & Guts 
Understanding the puzzling working of the body.
Session 3:  The Nutritional Puzzle 
Puzzling Plethora of Pills, Powders & Plants (Supplements)
Session 4:  Puzzling Do’s & Don’ts 
Practical things you can do to stay healthy.
Session 5:  7 Vital Puzzle Pieces 
How to eliminate 100’s of common Ailments.
Session 6:  The Christian & Health 
Why Christians get sick – or often don’t get well.

Total Runtime of 6 sessions is 279 minutes

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Click these clips to view sample clips from the DVD series

This is what people say, that have bought the DVD

Shew I don"t know where to start, I have been watching your program on and off on CTV.. there is so much info , but it has been fabulously enlightening! 


Thank you for saving my live with this DVD! It Changed the way I see my body, what I eat and how to supplement!

Joe L


I was reluctant to watch another boring lecture. I had a pleasant surprise! I could not stop watching. It’s so interactive, interesting and informative... I have started implementing some of the puzzle pieces, and I cannot believe how much more energy I have...

Johan H


...you really have a way to explain difficult issues in a simple way...



...very professional... congratulations on a great product.

Leon M


I have known and consulted Christo from the time he started his health food store in Durbanville, about ten years ago. He has continued to improve his knowledge and is now considered one of the “treasures” in the area. If a mother needs nutritional help, and she is in the area, I usually send her and her child to Christo. He is also skilled Live Blood Analyst.

The presentations on the DVDs have been well conceived to make a complex issue, such as our present-day health issues, easy to understand. Christo, doing the presentations himself with a live audience, speaks clearly and is backed by excellent pictures and examples. There is a 40 page booklet with summaries and the whole pack is in world class. (I have seen many similar DVDs from overseas so am able to compare.)

This is a set you will need to spend time with to absorb it well. It is as if you are going to a two-day seminar and are sitting in the audience concentrating hard and making notes so you can go back and tell your family and friends about it. Well, here, you can do it in your own home and have the DVD to refer them to.




I was challenged by your final session. At first I didn’t know if it was what the Bible actually teach. I looked it up, and yea, it’s correct. I like your sense of humor!

Ray S



This  is really something that has the potential to revolutionize the way we,  the Body of Christ looks after God’s temple on earth - our bodies

Past. Ron



When I saw  these principles, it made me think, what we as humans are doing to His creation...


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