What is Understanding the Health Puzzle about?

It’s teaching both the expert and the novice about the different pieces needed to obtain optimal health.


Why another teaching?

Well, there is so much information out there already, but that fact makes it very difficult for most people to decide what to believe and what not to. You will find that everyone believes they have the right and complete answer. I beg to differ. Everyone may have a piece of the truth but not the whole picture.

So with Understanding The Health Puzzle, I give a birds eye view of the health picture, and also show that if you put all the different studies, opinions and diets together, you may find some sanity, and a way to really get healthy in spite of all the contradicting advice available.


In what format are the teachings?

We have done it in six 45min sessions, some a little shorter or longer.

It’s available on DVD in PAL format, comes on 3 DVD’s and includes a 40 page handy viewers guide that you can download. The viewers guide can be used to make notes, but also assists in navigating on the disc.


Did you produce it yourself?

I wanted to at first, but realized I don’t have the expertise.  I got Lemontree Productions in, and they did a REALLY stunning and professional job.


What makes this different from say, another book on health?

The fact that over the past 15 years I have had a lot of personal experience, I have 8 children, and have done live blood analysis consultations on more than 6000 people. I have seen what works and what not. I have seen people heal from the most feared diseases, when they start implementing simple changes.


Who is Christo Lues?

Christo is a reborn Christian. Married to Linnie for 21 years. They have 8 children. Linnie home schools their children. Christo & Linnie are the distributors for Above Rubies in South Africa. Christo owns Eirene Health Shop in Durbanville and a Sevenpointfive franchise and have been practicing natural medicine for 15 years.

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